Steamed Seaweed Stuffed Bun

Steamed seaweed stuffed buns are delicious. It is a pack of seaweed wrapped with a bun. It smells like bread and tastes like vegetables. At first I didn’t want to eat one but then when I tasted it, I ate the rest of the steamed seaweed stuffed bun. You should try one too!


Deep Fried Squid

Deep fried squid is very tasty. It is a whole squid cut and flattened, fried, pierced by 2 sticks, has bread crumbs sprinkled on it, and finally has seafood sauce all over it. It smells like popcorn chicken and has an unique taste. When you bite into it, it releases a very good smell. Deep fried squid is very good!



Roll of meat

June 20, Qufu,Shandong Province, China
I ate a meat roll here. It is basically some pork with green onions wrapped with tortillas. It tastes like fried pork. It doesn’t look that pretty but its taste is good. I want to eat another one of those tomorrow.