Tutor 3’s Code

Tutor 3’s Code

Tutor 3’s Code

Created by: Dexter Chen



When the world starts
world.my first method
When S is typed
Let move rowboat


  world.my first method ( )

    No variables
       Dexter grown say Hey! Welcome to my island!
  Dexter grown.backflip
  Dexter grown say Press S for a Suprise
  world.suprise ( )

    No variables
       camera set point of view to SHARKview
  shark say Suprise! ‘S’ is for SHARK ATTACK!! duration = 2 seconds
  camera set point of view to STARTview
  Do together
       shark move amount = 4 meters toward target = rowboat duration = 5 seconds
  shark think Rats. I’ll just have to wait here.
  shark turn left 10 revolutions asSeenBy = island duration = 50 seconds
  world.getInboat ( )

    No variables
       Dexter grown say Oh no! Use the arrow keys to help me escape!
  Do together
       Dexter grown set vehicle to rowboat
  camera set vehicle to rowboat
  Dexter grown move to rowboat
  Dexter grown orient to rowboat
  Dexter grown move down 0.26 meters

Dexter grown


  Dexter grown.backflip ( )

    No variables
       Dexter grown move up 1 meter
  Dexter grown turn backward 1 revolution
  Dexter grown move down 1 meter

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