Recognition Night

On Tuesday, me and my family went to my school for recognition night. First, me and my sister played on a playground for a while. Then, me and my mommy went inside the school. We sat right in front of 3rd grader Satvik and right behind my 4th grader friend Aidan B. Clopp. Then, my daddy and my little sister strolled inside. Next, my father signed in. After that, everybody pledged allegiance to the flag of USA and Texas. Then, volunteers started to call names for certain things. Next, the people who got called out went up the stairs, received a gift bag and walked down the stage to the chairs. When they called my named out, I happily strolled up the stage and received my prize. Finally, I gave the plastic bag and the string that closed the bag to my sister because my dad said that I had to give my sister something included in the gift bag. I reached out into the bag and pulled out a notepad, a mechanical pencil, and an eraser. My sister then cried but my family ignored her. On that day, I learned that hard work always pays off.

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