Six Flags

Yesterday, my family went to Six Flags. We went to the merry go round first. I didn’t want to ride it but since I didn’t have anything to do, I went on the merry go round anyway. When I rode on it, it was boring because it spun sluggishly. After riding the merry go round, I guided my family to a playground. It was designed for guests under 54 inches but since I was with my sister, I could go on it too. While I was on the colossal playground, I rode every slide, crawled everywhere, and played tag with my little sister. Then, we went to our parents. My mom had a bottle of soda right next to her. Me and my sister drank and drank the soda because we were very sweaty. We were so hot that we drank half of the bottle. We went to a little go-kart track next. We waited and waited until it was finally me and my sister’s turn to ride. The ride was quite mild and boring so I just kept on focusing on waving to my mother. After that, me and my mother waited in a slow line to ride on a slightly more exciting roller coaster. After 20 minutes, my sister and my father went on a ride that spins like hell. After my sister rode the dizzy ride, she and her father waited on a ride that flies you 10 feet up in the air on a tiny airplane. I started worrying one hour later because I couldn’t ride without my sister so my mom phoned my dad and he carried my sister toward my and my mom. She was crying because she almost got her turn on the airplane ride. Then, before I knew it, me and my sister were on the roller coaster. The ride was wild but I knew that I needed to ride it about 20 times to throw up.

After the exciting ride, me and my mom went on the Texas Skyscreamer, the so-called The World’s Tallest Swing Ride that rides 400 feet in the sky while my sister and my dad still waited at the airplane ride. One hour later, my dad and my sister got a bucket of popcorn and a refilled bottle of water and came toward me and my mom. My dad agreed to ride with me today because it didn’t look scary at all. Another hour later, me and my dad went on a swing and secured us from falling down. For the first few seconds the ride calmly rose up. After a while, when we were swinging at the top like heck, I was about to puke. When the ride came down again I really wanted to vomit but I wanted to ride the ride again someday.

Six Flags is a very exciting place for people of all ages!

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