Reading Minute Party

Yesterday, my class had a reading minute party. We read 100,000 minutes so we can bring our electronics to our reading minute party after recess was over. First, Mrs. Kim gave everyone their electronics. She projected the movie “Frozen” on the whiteboard by using a projector called ELMO. Me and everybody else with electronics went to the back of the room to play. Andrew and I tried to connect our electronics to play Minecraft PE together but it didn’t work so we raced to have the best things built in Minecraft. I was winning that day with full iron armor and a heavy load of beds. After about two hours, Mrs. Kim told us to put our electronics away. After me and Andrew got dismissed, we delayed the end of the race from today to the end of the year. After participating in the party, I felt that I was walking on cloud 9000! I will never forget this fun day of playing electronics in school with my best buddy!

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