The First Day I Played My DS In 2010

June 5

This is the first week I’ve been to school.  So today I was not boring. But I wake up at 5:00 mom said I had to rest. But I didn’t rest all I did was standing  on the widowsill and I watched through the window. Mom woke up at 6:00 but dad said I could not play the DS till 8:00am.  So I did my homework and played piano. I played my DS for about 3 hours and 56 minutes. Then dad came in and set 30 more minutes in the timer.  In the middle of it I turned off the TV,. Dad was very mad for me doing that.  And he didn’t let me play the DS. So I turned on the TV and said “sorry” for that.  Dad gave me back the DS.

I have a great time today.  I love my dad.

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