Star of the week

I am the star of the week of April 9. On Monday,I will share a poster all about me(5 things I like, a picture, and my name). I was happy that the date was not in May because in May I go on vacaton. On Friday I get to share a book with my class. At the end they will ask me 3 thick questions about my book( I get to choose the people to ask questions).

Plants Day 6

There are about 35 stems now. Some withered, or should I say it was supposed to grow that way. The tallest one now is about 4.5 inches.Plant-3-4

Plants Day 4

There are about 30 stems blooming. They are skiny. The plants are brocolli. The tallest stem is about 2 and a half inches tall.

The stems are growing fast!
The stems are growing fast!


Today,rolled on my baby sister. She cried. I had fun making my baby sister cry. Then my mom hid and said for my baby sister to find her. My baby sister found where my mom is. Then my baby sister hid and my mom found her. They were acting crazy.    Then I checked the temerture for my baby sister’s mouth,eyes,nose,bellybotton and butt.



I hit my baby sister with a putter today. She cried and cried. I laughed. That time I think she is a crybaby. She was like: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa hhhhhaaaaaaaa  mmmmaaaaaa mmmmmmaaaaaaaaa. I thought : You crybaby! Maybe she thought : I hate you !crybaby I felt happy. My sister felt sad.


I like to play golf. But I am not so good at it. Yesterday I took a golf class. My coach’s name is Jennie. She is nice. She taught me how to swing the club in the driver way, then she taught me to swing the putter. I can’t wait for the next practice.

Today is the fourth day in a row that school is closed


Today I knew no school. It was still covered with ice and snow. First I eat breakfast. Next I write Chinese  words. Then I read 2 books called”Ricky Ricotta’s MIGHTY ROBOT. 1 and 7. Then I go upstairs to the movie room.I watced  Lady Gaga and wonder girls on YouTube.Then I go downstairs.



It’s snowy out here! It’s very cold. The snow turned into ice. It’s still snowing. There are wind outide. It’s very cold I cannot move. I can’t take off my shoes until I get warmer. Once I get in I ask dad  if ican play Monopoly. Dad says “no”.  Then I read four books. Then I write a blog.